EWSHL Announces Preliminary Season Two Plans

EWSHL Announces Preliminary Season Two Plans
August 12, 2020

The EWSHL is returning for a second season! The Women’s Hockey Tribune is extremely excited to say that details for a second season are well into the planning stage, and that the league expects to grow in its second summer.

The 2021 EWSHL season is tentatively scheduled to start on Thursday, June 3rd. The season will run until August 12th, 2021. Over the course of those eleven weeks, EWSHL teams will play ten total games. Eight will be regular season games, while both August dates will be playoff rounds. The first-ever EWSHL playoffs begin on August 5th with the Semifinals. The Championship game will take place on August 12th, 2021.

The EWSHL will have a ‘bye week’ on July 1st as players celebrate Canada Day and, a few days later, Independence Day.

The EWSHL will expand to four teams for the 2021 season. All four teams will play on Thursday night, playing double-headers at Cyclones Arena in Hudson, New Hampshire. Games will take place at 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm. All games will once again be streamed online. Tentatively, the EWSHL plans on inviting fans to all games during the 2021 season.

The four teams will be given names, unique uniforms and consistent rosters. Teams will be drafted in May, 2021. The date will be announced as more details become available. Player registration is slated to begin in March, 2021. An exact date will be released this winter.

“We are extremely happy with how season one of the EWSHL went, and cannot wait until next June,” Commissioner and play-by-play broadcaster Alex Thomas said. “We plan on expanding our vision for season two, and look forward to more competitive hockey with fans in the stands. Season one was great, but season two will be even better!”

Once again, a full-time athletic trainer will be available to players on game day. A full-time equipment manager will also be on staff for all EWSHL games to handle any and all equipment issues that players may have. Uniforms and socks will once again be provided by the league.

“I’m investing in this to make this the best offseason league in the women’s game,” founder Bill Flanagan said. “Our standards from game day operation to talent will be second to none!”

Once again, stats and schedules will be kept on the Women’s Hockey Tribune website for fans to view. The league is also committed to consistent game stories after each week of play, and highlights and boxscores will be available to fans and media.

Stay tuned to The Women’s Hockey Tribune for more details throughout the coming months.

For any media inquiries, please email EWSHL Commissioner Alex Thomas at [email protected] .