Meet The Writers: Jim Biringer

Meet The Writers: Jim Biringer
January 15, 2020

We are expanding The Women’s Hockey Tribune! You may have noticed earlier this week a post by Jim Biringer on the recent report of a three-on-three women’s game at the NHL All-Star Weekend in St. Louis.

Well, we are happy to welcome Jim as a writer with The Women’s Hockey Tribune! Jim will join effective immediately and will help produce written content for the site. From opinion pieces to news articles, be sure to check out The Women’s Hockey Tribune for his latest work!

Jim is a 2008 graduate of Saint Michaels College who has a passion for the game of hockey. He still plays the game with the same passion that brought him to the game; he has expanded his role to covering the game as a writer for various outlets about the game. Jim is editor and writer for Last Word on Hockey, where he covers the NHL, specifically the New Jersey Devils, along with all the news items that break. His work is also featured weekly as he predicts the outcomes of games one day a week along with analyzing each team in the NHL.

As one coach put it “he is a student of the game.” When Jim is not writing he can be found at the local rinks playing or being a referee. Throughout his time in the game, Jim continues to coach a local high school team. In addition, he broadcast several New Jersey Junior Rockets games for the Eastern Hockey League. Jim also hosts a podcast breaking down all things Devils. Jim has always been drawn to the women’s game thanks in large part to the Olympics. His passion grew bigger after attending the 2012 Women’s World Championships in VT.

Reach him on Twitter: @JimBiringer