Boston Pride Acquire 1st Overall Pick in NWHL Draft

Boston Pride Acquire 1st Overall Pick in NWHL Draft
April 28, 2020

The National Women’s Hockey League is holding the first and second rounds of their 2020 Draft tonight and things are already heating up. Just a few hours before the draft, the Boston Pride have acquired the first overall pick from the new Toronto expansion franchise. The move has been rumored for days now, and was first reported by Marisa Ingemi.

As part of the deal, the Pride will receive Toronto’s 2020 1st round pick along with a 2020 5th round pick. For giving up the first overall pick in this year’s draft, the new Toronto franchise receives Boston’s 1st round pick (sixth overall), along with Boston’s 2021 1st round and 2nd picks.

2020 Draft – Updated Order of Selection Per The NWHL: 

Round 1: Boston, Connecticut, Buffalo, Metropolitan, Minnesota, Toronto

Round 2: Connecticut, Toronto, Buffalo, Metropolitan, Minnesota, Boston

Round 3: Connecticut, Buffalo, Toronto, Metropolitan, Minnesota, Boston

Round 4: Connecticut, Buffalo, Metropolitan, Toronto, Minnesota, Boston

Round 5: Connecticut, Buffalo, Connecticut, Minnesota, Boston, Boston

Don’t miss out on what you should be an exciting night for the NWHL as Anya Packer, the NWHLPA Director, told our very own Jim Biringer yesterday during an episode of the Jersey Joe Corner found here.

The Pride are now on the clock as the 2020 NWHL Draft will get going at 7:00 pm Tuesday and Wednesday night live on Twitter. The first two rounds of the draft will be presented tonight, and the final three rounds will be announced on Wednesday. 

Feels like the seeds are being planted for a good ol’ Toronto-Boston rivalry similar to what is going on in the NHL.