PWHPA Profiles: Alex Cavallini

PWHPA Profiles: Alex Cavallini
December 7, 2020

Few people have achieved the kind of success that Alex Cavallini has in hockey. A native of Delafield, Wisconsin, Cavallini is a decorated goaltender who has led her country to the highest levels in the sport. Cavallini won an Olympic Gold Medal in 2018 with the United States, and also has five World Championship Gold Medals to her name.

If that isn’t enough, Cavallini also has two World Championship U18 medals. She won a gold in 2009, and a silver a year later in 2010. In addition, Cavallini won a National Championship with Wisconsin in 2011, and a CWHL Championship in 2019 with Calgary. She was also the top goaltender in the CWHL for that 2018-19 season.

Cavallini played her U18 hockey with the Milwaukee Jr. Admirals in 2009-10, and then lived out a dream that almost every hockey player in Wisconsin has when they grow up. She got to star for the Wisconsin Badgers and play Division 1 college hockey.

Cavallini played four seasons for the Badgers, joining the team in 2010-11 and finishing her career in 2013-14. Not only did she win a National Championship, she served as the captain as a senior in 2013-14.

Last season, Cavallini trained in the Tri-State area with the PWHPA. That was not an option for 2020-21, as the organization transitioned to a ‘Regional Training Hub’ format. Cavallini made the decision to declare for the New Hampshire region, and is one of four goaltenders on the final roster for coach Bill Flanagan.

Recently, we caught up with Cavallini to discuss her career, reasons for joining the PWHPA and more!

WHT: What drew you to the sport of hockey as a young girl, and what fueled the passion that has led you on a very impressive career?

AC: From the time I stepped on the ice, I have been drawn to the sport of hockey. I love how challenging it is and I love being a part of a team! The teams I have been a part of have all shaped me into the person that I am today, and I have been lucky to meet some of my best friends and gain sisters along the way. The team aspect and the competitiveness of the game continues to fuel me.

WHT: What drew you to the PWHPA? What about the organization’s goals and values stood out to you?

AC: I am a believer in creating a sustainable and viable women’s hockey league; a league that allows its players to play and focus only on hockey while being treated like true professionals. When it gets to that point, you will see our sport grow that much more and will see a talent level that you have never seen before. I see the endless potential in women’s hockey, and I know the PWHPA stands behind this and works hard to treat the top talent in the world like true professionals.

WHT: How has your experience with the PWHPA been so far?

AC: The PWHPA showcases last year were great to be a part of, and I am looking forward to the showcases this year that will allow the fans of this game to see the talent this PA is made up of!

WHT: I always like to ask this question because the answers can vary so much, what is your favorite memory in the sport of hockey?

AC: One of my favorite memories when it comes to playing hockey is when I first tried on goalie gear. I thought it was the coolest thing ever wearing the gear and stopping the boys, and because of that excitement, I found a love for the game and I am lucky enough to play at the highest level as a goalie.

WHT: What are some of your goals both personally and for the region as a whole this coming season?

AC: My goal this year is to win the World Championships with Team USA, as well as being the overall showcase champions in the PWHPA.