PWHPA Profiles: Hayley Scamurra

PWHPA Profiles: Hayley Scamurra
November 23, 2020

Hayley Scamurra is one of the most recognized hockey players in Western New York. A native of Williamsville, New York, Scamurra has won a World Championship while representing the United States and an Isobel Cup with the local NWHL team, the Buffalo Beauts. This season, Scamurra leaves New York State for Massachusetts. It’s not the first time she has taken this journey, however.

After playing in 28 games with the Oakville Hornets of the PWHL, and serving as captain, during the 2012-13 season, Scamurra headed to Boston. There, she would star for coach Dave Flint on the Northeastern Huskies. Scamurra helped elevate Northeastern from a strong program to an elite one. She was part of the 2016 team that appeared in the NCAA Tournament, and helped lay the foundation for the now three-time defending Hockey East Champions.

Scamurra scored a career-high 43 points (14 g, 29 a) as a junior in 2015-16, helping the Huskies make the tournament for the first-time in program history.

Following her 2016-17 senior season with Northeastern, Scamurra turned pro with the Beauts. She played in one regular season game, then helped Buffalo claim the Isobel Cup just weeks after finishing her college career.

Scamurra would play two more seasons with the Beauts, scoring a career-high 20 points (10 g, 10 a) in 2018-19. After winning a World Championship in the spring of 2019, Scamurra’s professional career would change forever.

She left the NWHL for the 2019-20 season, joining the upstart PWHPA and training out of Buffalo. This season, Scamurra will join fellow New York natives Kim Sass and Jacquie Greco in suiting up for the PWHPA’s New Hampshire Regional Training Hub. The Hub is one of two in the United States, and the only one on the East Coast for the 2020-21 season.

We recently caught up with Scamurra to discuss why she joined the PWHPA, her goals for the upcoming season, how she got into the sport and more!

WHT: What drew you to the sport of hockey as a young girl, and what fueled the passion that has led you on a very impressive career?

HS: I was drawn to the sport of hockey because my three older brothers were always playing on our backyard rink in the winters. I always wanted to be a part of the group and do what they did. My dad also played a huge role because he played in the NHL and shared his passion for the game with all of his children. Once I started playing hockey, I fell in love right away. The ice was my happy place and my escape. Hockey has given me so much and I am forever grateful.
WHT: What drew you to the PWHPA? What about the organization’s goals and values stood out to you?
HS: I was drawn to the PWHPA because they stand for equity and equality for women’s sports. We deserve to be treated as professionals and to have a viable and sustainable league for years to come.
WHT: How has your experience with the PWHPA been so far?
HS: My experience has been great with the PWHPA through a season and change. I have loved going to different markets and seeing the love and desire for women’s hockey at our ‘Dream Gap Tour’ showcase events.
WHT: I always like to ask this question because the answers can vary so much, what is your favorite memory in the sport of hockey?
HS: My favorite memory in hockey are all of the road trips and bonds formed with my teammates. Another favorite memory was winning a World Championship in 2019 with USA hockey. The environment was electrifying and it was my first major international tournament representing USA hockey. It really was a dream come true.
WHT: What are some of your goals both personally and for the region as a whole this coming season?
HS: My personal goal is to continue to get better as a player. For the region, I want us to continue reaching new markets and promoting our goal for women’s hockey!