PWHPA Announces Regional Rosters

PWHPA Announces Regional Rosters
October 22, 2020

The Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association had a second announcement on Thursday. After announcing that Secret Deodorant committed $1 million to the PWHPA, the organization announced its regional rosters for their five hubs for the upcoming season.

This year things will be a little different. Instead of having rotating rosters like they did last year, the PWHPA will have set rosters. Each team will have 25 players on the roster and will play in the Secret Dream Gap Tour for the Secret Cup along with other cash prizes as part of the $1 million commitment by Secret Deodorant. This season the PWHPA will play six showcase games as they hope to start in early 2021. However, with the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, the exact date could fluctuate.

Throughout the off-season, the PWHPA announced players who intended to try out for one of the 125 spots.

Here are the official regionals rosters for the five hub cities.

Calgary Minnesota Montreal New Hampshire Toronto
Alexandra Poznikoff (f) Abby Roque (f) Alexandra Labelle (f) Alex Cavallini (g) Alexis Woloschuk (d)
Amanda Pelkey (f) Amy Menke (f) AnnRenee Desbiens (g) Alexa Gruschow (f) Amanda Makela (g)
Blayre Turnbull (f) Annie Pankowski (f) AnnSophie Bettez (f) Amanda Kessel (f) Brianne Jenner (f)
Brianna Decker (f) Dani Cameranesi (f) Catherine Daoust (d) Breanna Scarpaci (d) Brittany Howard (f)
Brigette Lacquette (d) Demi Crossman (d) Catherine Dubois (f) Brittany Ott (g) Carolyne Prevost (f)
Erica Kromm (f) Hannah Brandt (f) Emerance Maschmeyer (g) Cassidy Vinkle (f) Christina Ieradi (f)
Halli Krzyzaniak (d) Hilary Knight (f) Emily Clark (f) Chelsey Goldberg (f) Claire Thompson (d)
Hanna Bunton (f) Kelly Pannek (f) Erin Ambrose (d) Codie Cross (d) Ella Matteucci (d)
Iya Gavrilova (f) Kendall Coyne Schofield (f) Genevieve Lacasse (g) Courtney Turner (f) Ella Shelton (d)
Jordyn Zacharias (f) Lee Stecklein (d) Jaime Bourbonnais (d) Delaney Belinskas (f) Erica Howe (g)
Kacey Bellamy (d) Maddie Rooney (g) Jessie Eldridge (f) Emily Field (f) Jamie Lee Rattray (f)
Kaitlin Willoughby (f) Margo Lund (f) Jill Saulnier (f) Emily Matheson (d) Jocelyne Larocque (d)
Kassidy Sauvé (g) Nicole Anderson (d) Karell Emard (f) Gigi Marvin (f) Kayla Vespa (f)
Katelyn Gosling (d) Nicole Hensley (g) Kim Poirier (d) Haley Skarupa (f) Kristen Richards (f)
Kristen Campbell (g) Nicole Schammel (f) Kristin O’Neill (f) Hayley Scamurra (f) Laura Fortino (d)
Laura Dostaler (f) Noora Raty (g) Laura Stacey (f) Jacquie Greco (d) Loren Gabel (f)
MacKenzie Ebel (f) Olivia Zafuto (d) Lauriane Rougeau (d) Jincy Dunne (d) Madison Field (f)
Marlène Boissonnault (g) Reagan Haley (f) MariePhilip Poulin (f) Kali Flanagan (d) Natalie Spooner (f)
Meaghan Mikkelson (d) Ryleigh Houston (f) MarieSoleil Deschênes (g) Katie Burt (g) Nicole Kosta (f)
Megan Grenon (d) Sam Hanson (d) Maude Gelinas (f) Kimberly Sass (g) Renata Fast (d)
Micah ZandeeHart (d) Samantha Donovan (f) Melanie Desrochers (d) Lillian RibeirinhaBraga (d) Sarah Nurse (f)
Rebecca Johnston (f) Savannah Harmon (d) Melodie Daoust (f) Makenna Newkirk (f) Shannon Stewart (f)
Rhianna Kurio (f) Sophia Shaver (f) Rebecca Leslie (f) Megan Keller (d) Shea Tiley (g)
Samantha Cogan (f) Sydney Brodt (f) Samantha Isbell (d) Meghan Turner (f) Tess Bracken (d)
Sarah Potomak (f) Sydney Scobee (g) Sarah Lefort (f) Sara Earley (f) Victoria Bach (f)
Dean Seymoure (HC) Matt Leitner (HC) Bill Flanagan (HC) Laura McIntosh (HC)
Katie Greenway (AC) Mira Jalosuo (AC) Bill Weiand (AC) PJ MIchael (AC)
Adam Redmond (AC)
Kevin Stone (AC)


  • For those that watched and followed along with the Elite Women’s Summer Hockey League, the New Hampshire Team has some familiar names including Kali Flanagan, Katie Burt, Emily Field, and Meghan Turner just to name a few. Not to mention the addition of Olympians Amanda Kessel and Alex Cavallini.


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